UCF Graphic Design 2012

Aaron Rodrigues



One of the pages from the book John Cage 4’ 33”. The book is my interpretation of John Cage’s silent piece 4’ 33”. The book documents a series of silent awkward moments in everyday life. This one takes place at a routine checkup.

Another page from the book John Cage 4’ 33”, this one documents the awkward silence that follows after someone points out a wardrobe malfunction.

Two posters promoting an exhibition regarding my own interpretation of John Cages 4’ 33” silent piece.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

A dust jacket for Grimm’s Fairy Tales. My approach to this project was to in-still fear and hesitation in the viewer by depicting a character or a monster from the book trying to break through the cover.


This was a website I created to promote neu, a software and interaction design company that develops applications to improve fitness of mind and well-being

An application called Neume developed by neu.

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