UCF Graphic Design 2012

Adam Hicks

contact@hicksgraphics.co.uk – 07540553514 – contact@hicksgraphics.co.uk

World with a future stamps

Six final finished stamps showing ‘the positive within the negative’. E.g the bath with three showers emphasises the bath is equal to three showers. The idea to make small changes.

Here is the concept for the stamp packet, the green colour scheme obviously built on the greener future idea.

Without wheat/gluten

‘Without’ an ironic simple allergy free food brand. Simply colour coded to show what its free from. In this case red is wheat and gluten showing concepts of products.

Here are examples of the lactose free range coloured blue. Showing lactose free yogurts, whole and semi skimmed milk. It could leave room for other colours for different allergies.

There are so many allergy symbols, which seem confusing. This was an idea to launch a new universal allergy symbol to teach people to be more aware on food packaging.

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