UCF Graphic Design 2012

Alice Davenport

alicedavenport7@hotmail.co.uk – 07827864130 – www.alicedavenport.co.uk

Divine Herbal tea

Divine Herbal tea was designed with the intention of giving the everyday person a taste of quality at an affordable price. Small sachets and larger tea boxes were created.

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

The book cover was created using a silk material scratched on top of a paper cover, representing the frustration of the main character and the urge of to break free. 

Blue Coast Restaurant

Blue Coast Restaurant is hypothetically set in the heart of Falmouth. The aim was to bring in tourists and locals to try different dishes dependent on season and local produce.

Ted Baker – Rather British

The sunglasses campaign was created through a ‘Rather British’ theme. The 
union jack was created via a collage of summer material and placed in the background of each promotional piece.

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