UCF Graphic Design 2012

Alice Hogg

hi@alicehogg.com – 07800714710 – www.alicehogg.com

Delight – Delivering happiness

An internet based luxury ice cream company, promoting the sharing of happiness.

Delivery vehicles double as ice cream vans, both promoting the company and letting people enjoy delight on the move. Customers can locate their nearest delight van by using the online ‘truck tracker

Each order comes with the option of including two spoons. Customers are encouraged to send the order to themselves then hand deliver it to the recipient so that it can be enjoyed together.

M&S Picnic

Design and package the perfect M&S picnic. City Breaks – individual lunchtime picnics themed around a particular city. The city changes regularly, maintaining interest in the brand and letting consumers to experience new locations.


Tales to change the word – Invest the short story ‘The Waitress’ in a publication that has the creativity of a magazine.

I created a book to represent some of the issues I felt the story expressed; progression, the growth of trust, and the personalities of the main characters were shown both typographically and in the form that the book itself takes.

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