UCF Graphic Design 2012

Becca Hersey

www.beccahersey.co.uk – 07743044849

To the Pointe of Perfection: poster & book cover

Introduce adults to ballet in a way that is accessible & understandable. Convey basic information about ballet, as well as going more in depth into areas within the dance.

The aim was to design a book that was sophisticated and broke stereotypes associated with ballet. Full e-book can be found on Issuu:

The The Art of Letterwriting

Celebrate the art of letterwriting and encourage people to send letters. I honed in on the beauty of handwritten letterforms, and tried to communicate emotional points in the process of letter writing.


‘Bridge’ is a scheme that allows young & old people to form friendships through swapping skills at weekly meetings. It eases the loneliness of older citizens and is beneficial for all involved.

A Dreamlike Reality

Based on the memory of dancing the role of the Fairy Godmother in a ballet production of Cinderella, this book creates mystery and intrigue through the photos and narrative.

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