UCF Graphic Design 2012

Catherine Murray

hello@catmurray.co.uk – 07856331926 – catmurray.co.uk

ISTD: Tales to change the word

This brief involved using the supplied text of The Waitress, a modern fairytale by Jack Zipes, to invest the book with invention and experimentation for the ‘new reader.

The perforated, accordion fold format, enables this book to be read as one continuous page, in spreads or as a series of fifty cards, creating an element of interactivity.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The cover visuals were created by manipulating iron filings with magnets in an attempt to convey the magnetism, Nurse Ratched and McMurphy exert over the patients of the asylum.

Cotton On

Cotton On, created as my major project, is an advocacy group that highlights the negative social and environmental impacts associated with cotton production and consumption.

This information campaign identifies six issues and suggests potential action concerned consumers can take to lessen the negative impacts of cotton

Clothes swapping is one potential action. The Swappers Guide pack provides information and resources for organizing clothes swapping events. It was designed for reuse and contains customizable elements.


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