UCF Graphic Design 2012

Charley Fawkes

charley_fawkes@hotmail.co.uk – 07851770864 – Charleyfawkes.com

Made In Blighty

A magazine that sets out to promote/celebrate British manufacturing as well as informing it’s reading of issues within the fashion industries manufacturing. The spreads shown are from the ‘Throwaway fashion’ issue. The consumption of fast fashion is communicated using simple but effective information graphics. All content is original. Each magazine’s format changes depending on the topic being covered, for example the throwaway issue is printed on newsprint to highlight disposability.

YCN Competition Brief 2012: packaged the perfect M&S picnic

An indoor children’s picnic, inviting them to eat like their favourite M&S monster. By making meal times interesting children will begin to eat things they may never have before. This theory is encapsulated by the slogan ‘feed their imagination.’ The picnic is to be hidden in a certain place within the home (indicated on the included instruction cards) and to be found by the child by using the clue card. To make this desirable to have again soft toys and profile cards of each character are available. I also produced a typeface, which I made out of potato print for the logo.

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