UCF Graphic Design 2012

Chrissy Styles

hello@chrissystylesdesign.co.uk – 07590693462 – www.chrissystylesdesign.co.uk


A project that aims to make typography accessible to everyone by making it more fun. In the pack is a set of recipe/postcards of baked typefaces.

Each baked form conveys the tone and character of the typeface it represents.


Reinventing the band t-shirt. Part of a wider exploration into how the internet can be used to encourage offline interactions.

When scanned, t-shirts link to that person’s Last.fm charts. The act of scanning invites people to interact with each other, the content gives them an ice-breaker.

T-shirts and the content they lead to can be customised when ordering from the website.

The Foundry

Branding and identity for a shop that sells upcycled goods. All of the branded items, packaging etc are made from repurposed materials.

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