UCF Graphic Design 2012

Emily Rose

Emily_S_Rose@hotmail.com – 07847319917 – emilyrosegraphicdesign.co.uk

A picnic for M&S – Handpicked Picnic

This picnic is designed for any occasion and strips the picnic back to its bare basics and inner beauty using regional local food.

Penguin Award 2012 – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Shortlisted for the Penguin Award. Expressing the concept of precision and perfection within a ward of insanity and what lies beneath.

Nourish App and Packaging

Nourish – the health management system, a re-brand of the food nutritional system on packaging that works in collaboration with an app.

The Nourish system works on an age basis of child, adult female, adult male and 65+ years.
The information cards help people to understand how the system works.

The leaflet works to target each age group. It works to show how the icons fill according to the food that is consumed and how it has different for each.

Sport Stamps

A set of stamps celebrating a British sporting “First” of Cricket.

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