UCF Graphic Design 2012

Harry Bingham

bingham.harry@gmail.com – 07540610845 – harrybingham.co.uk

Pixelate Film Festival 2012

Branding and promotion (printed and digital). Pixelated system used throughout for ownability. Mark makes use of iconic directors chair.

Hand printed t-shirts to be worn by staff and volunteers.

SHIFT collaborative workspace

A place for people of all disciplines to come together and better their way of working together.

Sketchbook to be handed out at events and sent via direct mail to prospective creative workers for SHIFT.

Sketchbook highlights the isolation of most individuals working environments. The sketchbook becomes surrounded by other workers who could potentially be of assistance to the viewer.

Little white lies cover for Black Swan.

Should portray the protagonist and themes of the film to a film-savvy audience. Utilises a spot varnished broken mirror to highlight the protagonists battle between dark and light.

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