UCF Graphic Design 2012

Jack Rothwell

rjlr.rothwell@gmail.com – 07508039786 – jackrothwell.tumblr.com/

DJ Shadow

Illustration for a vinyl cover for Dj Shadow, a winning design for the Talent House Secret 7′ competition.


Concept packaging for the 2012 YCN Google competition brief. What if google products came in packaging?

Full contents of the Web product bundle.

In House

Self initiated Major brief. Looking at excessive packaging within pharmaceutical products. A range of 8 products, migraine, ibuprofen, paracetamol and cold&flu pain relief. Plasters and blister plasters and fatigue and sleep aids.

The information for the products is all printed on the inside of the boxes making them less throw away and also reducing the fold up leaflets that come inside conventional pharmaceuticals.

The exterior designs all work together, to create an image and the seemingly random shapes, representing pain levels.

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