UCF Graphic Design 2012

Jo Geeves

jogeeves@hotmail.com – 07845829708 – www.jogeeves.co.uk

YCN Design Awards | Google

‘Create an imaginary packaging range for Google’s family of products’. Design concept based on Google Chrome’s slogan ‘the web is what you make of it’.

I created a range of Google gift cards which take form as puzzle pieces so users can collect and ‘build their own Google’.

Each puzzle piece features illustrative icons to visually represent their purpose and usage for those less savvy about Google’s products.

Bread & Butter

A catering company providing quality food and a better mealtime experience for hospital patients.

Patients are assessed in order to find out their food preferences and the best types of food based on their condition, so the correct nutrients aid a speedier recovery.

Nature’s Medicine: The Coral Exhibition

A paper cut poster for an exhibition informing of the potential medical benefits discovered in our ocean’s reefs. Please see my website for more detail.

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