UCF Graphic Design 2012

Jon Butterworth

Butterworthjon@gmail.com – 07518126974 – www.jonbutterworth.co.uk

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

I thought the main message within the book was: ‘Fight through the oppression to become free’. My idea was to recreate this visually by using the interaction of a sleeve.

The sleeve represents oppression using geometric shapes and was inspired from looking at images of mental patients sat in room corners, the book itself is white and minimal to represent freedom.

Heroes of Aviation

For my final major project I researched into aviation within World War Two. I found particular pilots stories so inspiring they became the basis for my project.

I decided to create a brand to make the stories more appealing to the younger generation; it would include a booklet to be released for Remembrance Day with a free poppy.

After designing the booklet I set about designing more to come with it, such as posters that play on the aircrafts name e.g. a spitfire actually spiting fire.

The last outcomes were digital, firstly a sound app that enables you to hear the sounds of the aircraft while you read about them, the second being the website.

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