UCF Graphic Design 2012

Kerry Squires

kerryjadesquires@gmail.com – +44 (0)7984 613 258 – kjsquires.co.uk

Café Say

Café Say is an accessible high-street café, which uses the act of storytelling as an interactive tool to bring vast generations together.

The café provides different tools for storytelling, including writing stories on a chalk-wall, hearing stories through headphones and also live storytelling all to encourage intergenerational activity.

Advertising book targeting pensioner areas in London, inviting the audience to write stories from their life, and to come and share these at the café. Direction map contained in centre.

ISTD: Tales to Change the World.

Showing the journey of ‘She’ (The Waitress) transforming to ‘Them’, where all the characters are happily brought together in the end.

Each numbered section opens like chapters; the fortune-teller provides a new kind of interaction for the reader/brings a new perspective. Folds out to a custom size wall poster.

Re-interpreting the classic fairy-tale storybook with an intergalactic twist for the modern reader. Gives a sense of naivety of which both adults and children can relate to.

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