UCF Graphic Design 2012

Kieran Mineham

Kmineham@hotmail.co.uk – 07807738865 – www.kieranmineham.co.uk

Saturday Sessions

We require you to produce a set of three typographically-focused A2 outdoor posters that act as a three month advertising campaign for Ministry of Sound’s iconic London event ‘Saturday Sessions’. The posters should communicate a clear conceptual theme or idea based around the club or the music, however, this can be as literal or as abstract as you like. I went with the concept of party animals for my final posters. I used 3 animals that are known for coming out to play at night and illustrated them in a simple and geometric style. I kept the typography neat and structured to help it’s legibility, leaving the brightly coloured background and illustration to catch onlookers attention.

RSA Stamps

Celebrate the idea of ‘firsts’ and create stamps that inspire the nation whilst instilling national pride.
I designed my stamps to work as a set with a consistant theme. After a lot of research and thinking I realised that a lot of iconic British inventions are red and thought it would be a fun theme to explore.

William Grob

To design an identity & website for photographer William Grob. The thought behind the final identity came from one of his descriptions about his work – ‘focus in corners’. This reminded me of when photographers use their hands as a view finder to see what a shot might look like. By simply flipping one of the L’s upside down I created a typographic version of this view finder in his name.

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