UCF Graphic Design 2012

Lana Zoppi

lana.zoppi@gmail.comwww.lanazoppi.co.uk – 07531811028

Grimm’s Fairytales, The Golden Bird

Looking into how to bring storytelling and reading aloud alive within the format of a book. The form of each word prompts the reader to speak the words aloud expressively.

The aim was that the role of the book and illustrations would eventually fall back, leaving the voice of the reader to bring out the magic of the story.

Speak Like You Eat

A book to accompany the designs for a Language Cafe. Caffe Ecco’s Speak like you eat series brings language learning to life with a guide to cooking a single meal.

The book takes you step by step through the preparation of each Italian dish whilst Signore Ecco interrupts this process, drawing your attention to the language involved in each stage.

The Waitress

An answer to an ISTD brief, a book that explores the idea of differing levels of engagement with a text, from skim reading to becoming emersed in a text.

The text was split into three levels, 30 key words, key phrases and the full text. These were then put into an intricate referencing system to break the linear narrative.

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