UCF Graphic Design 2012

Megan Brooks

megbrooks@live.com – 07725342366 – megbrooks.tumblr.com

Tree Of Life issue

Portrait of Mrs O’brien grown from a network of roots/veins referencing the blood ties of family and her character as the underlying strength in the story.

4’33″ Response to piece by John Cage.

Three typographic sound scores corresponding to the three movements are looped with the machine running each in the exact time of the movement.

Arab Spring

Commemorating a year of uprisings in the Middle East since the self immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi and spread of the revolutionary spirit. Filmed with mobile phones.


Piece to show the victims of the ongoing brutal crackdown in Syria. The pattern is entirely created from 10,000 hands in the ‘V’ for victory gesture.


Piece projected on the Syrian Embassy London to show the scale of the ongoing massacre. The patterned element allows the piece to build live in response to the dead.


Response to the demand for a simpler life. Living entirely independently through the creation of a vessel which is both transport and shelter, taking only the bare essentials.

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