UCF Graphic Design 2012

Nic Rees

nic.j.rees@gmail.com – 07747781029 – www.nicrees.co.uk

RSA – Mid-Life Moment – Gear

(short-listed entry and awarded commendation) A website designed to help middle age people get more out of life. With the ability to use resources to make the users goals a reality.

D&AD – Aviva

An advertising campaign to make young people think more about saving. Using Tarot Cards to force the issue of the uknown future and what it holds

The Farmacy

A GM crops foods company. Offering the unique benefit of produce which is personally tailored to the users individual health needs


A product to help promote the diversity of UK dialects and accents. It aims to encourage people to learn more about the UK language by learning an accent.


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