UCF Graphic Design 2012

Rachel O’Callaghan

hello@rachelocallaghan.co.uk – 07784614558 – www.rachelocallaghan.co.uk

Grow a World with a Future

A vast amount of trees get destroyed everyday for the production of paper alone, and these trees are vital as ‘carbon sinks’ towards our survival.

Your M&S Picnic for One

‘Your M&S Picnic for One’ is inspired by stories with picnic scenes. The picnic comes with all the essentials for a picnic, as well as an extract from each story including the picnic scene.

Cheddar Cottage Cakes

Brand identity for a small company called ‘Cheddar Cottage Cakes’, that sells its produce to Farmshops, Cafes etc.

Second Bite

Second Bite is a temporary pop-up restaurant that aims to make communities aware of the potential of derelict buildings.

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