UCF Graphic Design 2012

Sarah Poole


Save this Day

This is a school initiative to get year four children writing journals. This journal portrays everyday happenings as adventures, and provides prompts on what to write, to excite and encourage.

Their first journal entry is stored and returned to them when they leave primary school, so that they can experience the power of a handwritten note to trigger a memory.


This is a book based on a memory, and focusing on the feeling of tension. The strings pull through each page to create resistance as you read the narrative.


The logo is developed from a blade of grass to signify natural strength and freshness. This then wraps around the bottle to highlight the ergonomic contours.


This is a proposal for sustainable living where communities are run on the sharing of skills rather than money.

This is the title sequence to a TV program showing those following the HIVE way of life. Read more about hive here. cargocollective.com/sarahpoole/hive

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